Sunday, September 23, 2018

The News Team

Brendan Walsh: Publisher/Reporter
Brendan started out as a reporter for Citywide 911, before also becoming the publisher of the site. He has over a hundred bylines and has reported on countless crime and emergency scenes around the city. Brendan studied chemistry and history at New York Universty.

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Photojournalist: David Sarmiento,

David Sarmiento: Photojournalist
David is a freelance press photographer based out of the Bronx who covers breaking news. He has many years of experience covering news and is currently a freelance camera-operator for Bronx News 12. During his free time, he shoots exclusively for Citywide911– covering a variety of major news events, crime and emergency scenes throughout the Bronx.

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Georgio Dano: Editor/Reporter
Georgio started out as a freelance photographer for Citywide 911, before becoming the editor of the site. Some of the notable stories he has covered include a police-involved shooting in Brooklyn and a fatal shooting outside an LA Fitness in Staten Island. Georgio was born in Cebu City, Philippines, grew up in Brooklyn, and now resides in Staten Island. 


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John Dooley

John Dooley: Photojournalist
John is still early into his career as a news photographer but he has already been to dozens of crime and fire scenes. Some of his most prominent stories for Citywide 911 include an off-duty police officer shot inside his car, an explosion in a residential building in Bath Beach, a drive-by shooting in Bed-Stuy and a sightseeing helicopter that crashed in the East River.

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Andre Rivera : Photojournalist
Andre is based out of the Bronx, but he travels throughout the five boroughs to cover breaking news incidents for Citywide 911– fires, car wrecks, shootings, stabbings, armed robberies and more. Andre first grew a following from the videos he posted on his emergency news related Youtube channel that he started in 2010 and continues to maintain. 


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Sal Burgess

Sal Burgess: Photojournalist
Sal has contributed photos and reporting to Citywide 911 from multiple crime and fire scenes, many of them in Brooklyn where he is based out of. When he is not covering breaking news incidents, Sal runs his company Burgess Illustrationz, which provides videography and photography for a variety of events.

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