Saturday, September 21, 2019

Photojournalist: David Sarmiento, Citywide911.comDavid Sarmiento: Photojournalist

David is a freelance press photographer based out of the Bronx who covers breaking news. He has many years of experience covering news and is currently a freelance camera-operator for Bronx News 12. During his free time, he shoots exclusively for Citywide911; covering a variety of major news events, crime and emergency scenes throughout the Bronx.

Stories featuring David Sarmiento's Media

First responders standing at the scene where a woman in a Toyota Corolla struck and killed a 57-year-old man.The man has been identified as Photo: David Sarmiento.

Man struck and killed by a drunk driver near Jacobi Hospital

Pelhman Gardens, the Bronx--A 57-year-old man was fatally struck by a car on Friday morning, shortly after he had left Jacobi Medical Center. Before...

Arrests made in the brutal stabbing of 15-year-old “Junior” in the Bronx

Tremont, the Bronx—As of Monday afternoon, at least seven people have been taken into custody for the fatal stabbing of 15-year-old Lessandro “Junior” Guzman-Feliz...
The scene after the victims were removed to a nearby hospital. PHOTO: David Sarmiento The scene after the victims were removed to a nearby hospital. 3 people fatally shot in the Bronx in Castle Hill.

Two men and an innocent bystander shot dead after a dispute in the Bronx

Castle Hill, the Bronx-- Gunfire erupted on the street after a large fight Thursday morning, leaving two men and a woman--later determined to have...
The crime scene in Williamsburg, Brooklyn where three men were shot on May 23, 2018. PHOTOS BY David Sarmiento.

Three men shot, one dead, after gunfire erupts in Williamsburg

Williamsburg, Brooklyn—Three men were wounded on Wednesday—one of them later succumbing to his injuries—after gunfire erupted on the street. The shooting started at around 12:45...
A yellow DOT vehicle parked on the side of the parkway where the accident occurred. PHOTO: David Sarmiento/ @d.miento

DOT worker killed after being struck by a vehicle in the Bronx

Baychester, the Bronx- A city-employed electrician was killed this morning after being struck by a car on the Henry Hutchinson Parkway, according to officials. Police...