A FDNY Ladder Truck crashed into several parked cars after the driver suffered an apparent seizure. This occurred in Brownsville Brooklyn on October 17th, 2018. PHOTO: Sal Burgess.

FDNY fire truck crashes into parked cars in a serious accident in Brooklyn

Brownsville, Brooklyn– A FDNY fire truck rammed into multiple parked cars after the firefighter behind the wheel suffered an apparent medical emergency on Wednesday. The firefighter was left with serious injuries after the collision, according to officials.

The incident occurred shortly after 6:00 p.m. on East New York Ave, near St. Marks Ave, according to police.

Upon their arrival at the scene, NYPD officers found the chauffeur of FDNY Ladder Truck 120 unresponsive and injured behind the wheel. He sustained serious injuries and was rushed to Brookdale Hospital where he was later reported to be in stable condition, according to police.

At the scene, the fire truck was observed with extensive damage and it appeared to have hit at least six cars head-on.

Multiple witnesses stated that the fire truck came roaring down East New York Ave and almost struck a white van before smashing into the cars. The fire truck was traveling westbound on East New York Avenue when the collision occurred, according to police.

Sources told ABC 7 NY that the fire truck was stopped at a light when the driver suffered “some sort of seizure.” During the seizure, the driver’s foot stayed press down on the accelerator, causing the ladder truck to speed forward and crash into the parked cars, according to the sources.

FDNY and NYPD officials were on scene to investigate the incident.

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