woman who was pushed onto the tracks by her boyfriend and then struck by a train. The incident occurred at the Broadway Junction stop on July 26th, 2018.

Man pulls his girlfriend onto the tracks at Broadway Junction in Brooklyn

Crown Heights, Brooklyn— A 54-year-old man pulled his 42-year-old girlfriend onto the northbound C train tracks at the Broadway Junction station on Thursday afternoon. Both individuals were struck by an oncoming train and later succumbed to their injuries, police stated.

The tragic scene unfolded at approximately 4:45 p.m., according to the NYPD.

When officers arrived at the station, they discovered Cynthia Raiser, 42, and Anthony Collins, 54, on the tracks.

Ms. Raiser was pronounced dead at the scene; Mr. Collins was transported to Brookdale Hospital where doctors pronounced him dead, according to police.

Mr. Collins is believed to have pushed Ms. Raiser onto the tracks just as the train was coming into the station. He then jumped onto the tracks after her, according to police sources.

The NY Post reported that Ms. Raiser and Mr. Collins were dating one another; Mr. Collins is a Queens resident and Ms. Raiser resided in Brooklyn, according to the newspaper.

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