The Austin Police Chief with officials from the FBI at the scene of bombing this morning in Windsor that killed a 17-year-old male.

Two explosions injured three people in Austin; may be related to fatal March 2nd blast

Austin, Texas- Two bombs went off this morning in the capital city—hours apart and miles away from each other—leaving a teenage boy dead and severely injuring two women.

The first incident occurred early this morning inside a residence located at 4800 block of Oldfort Hill Dr in Windsor Park, according to officials.

Austin Police Chief Brian Manley stated that a 17-year-old male retrieved a package from the front door of his house and bought it into the kitchen; there, the package exploded—fatally wounding the teen and leaving a middle-aged woman with severe, but not life-threatening injuries, according to officials.

Preliminary evidence suggests the bombing is related to a March 2nd explosion that killed 39-year-old Anthony Stephan House outside an Austin residence approximately twelve miles away from where this incident occurred, according to officials.

Chief Manley stated that the “incidents [are] very similar” to each other; both bombs were placed inside packages and left outside the victims’ homes early in the morning, according to Manley.

The US Postal Police investigated both explosions and do not believe the packages were delivered to the residences by any mail service; Manley said it is “more likely” that someone placed the packages at the front steps.

About four hours after the bombing in Windsor Park, a second explosion occurred in southeast Austin at a residence located at 6700 block of Galindo St.

Officials from Austin-Travis County EMS stated that the blast left a 75-year-old woman with “serious and potentially life-threatening injuries.”

It was not immediately clear what caused this explosion; police said they would hold a press conference later in the day to provide more information.

UPDATE: In a press conference held shortly before 3 PM,  Austin Police Chief Brian Manley stated the 75-year-old victim of the second bombing today is in critical condition. Manley said that the department is not ruling out these incidents as hate crimes; the  75-year-old woman was Hispanic and the two earlier bombing victims were both African American. However, Manley also stated that all motives remain on the table. Manley cautioned that the bombs were very “powerful devices” and stated the public needs to remain vigilant about touching packages that are unexpectedly found.