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Belmont fire kills at least 2, 13 others injured.


Belmont, the Bronx- At least two people were killed and thirteen others were injured in a fire that ripped through an apartment building early yesterday morning, according to officials.

FDNY officials say the blaze began at around 1:30 AM in a five-story residential building located at 2381 Hoffman St, near E 187 St.

EMS transported eleven people to nearby hospitals; two men were pronounced dead at the hospital, two women remain in critical condition and five others are in stable condition, according to police officials.

The FDNY stated that four firefighters are among the injured; all sustained injuries that are non-life threatening.

Sixteen people were displaced in the fire and the Red Cross was on scene to help them.

This past December, more than 26 people were killed in fires throughout the city—the highest number for any month in several decades.

A historically deadly fire in the Bronx in December killed 12 people; it occurred in a residential building less than a mile away from yesterday’s fire.

In a report released in January, the FDNY Fire Commissioner’s office stated that the leading causes of fatal fires in the city last year included open flames, electrical problems, and smoking.

It remains unclear exactly what sparked yesterday’s blaze. However, the NYC Fire Marshall’s office determined that residents who fled the apartment where the fire originated, left their door open, which allowed the fire to spread.

FDNY Assitant Cheif Roger Sakowich stated “The apartment door was open, fire got out into the hallway and met our members right at the front door.We had several people trapped on the second floor that were removed by our members.”

FDNY officials said that they want the public to remember to always close their door when evacuating their residence during a fire.