The moment just before a large section of the roof fell on firefighters.

Roof debris falls on firefighters during Bed-Stuy fire

Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn- A fire tore through a residential building early this morning and then spread to two adjacent buildings before being brought under control, according to officials.

The blaze began at approximately 12:30 AM in a brownstone located at 667 Jefferson Ave, near Malcolm X Blvd, according to the FDNY.

Officials stated that the fire began on the second floor and then spread to the first floor, third floor, and the cockloft, which is a small space between the top floor of and the roof of a building.

During the blaze, a 20-foot section of the roof fell onto firefighters standing outside the building; video taken at the scene shows several firefighters being struck in the head by the falling debris and then retreating down the front steps.

The aftermath of the blaze. PHOTO: JOHN DOOLEY

FDNY officials say two firefighters were removed to a nearby hospital, where one of them is in stable condition and the other is listed as critical

Ten residents were displaced, however, there were no reports of any injuries to civilians, the FDNY stated.

The blaze reached 3-alarm status before finally being brought under control at approximately 3:00 AM.

By the time the fire was put out, the third floor of the building had completely collapsed onto the second floor.

As of this morning, the cause of the fire remains unclear.