Former MTA worker kills ex-girlfriend and her daughter in cold blood.

Soundview, the Bronx- Yesterday afternoon, a former MTA employee killed his ex-girlfriend and her daughter in cold blood, before turning the gun on himself.

At a press conference held after the shooting, NYPD Chief Detective Robert Boyce stated that police were withholding the identity of the victims until their families had been notified.

Today, the names of both victims and the alleged shooter have been revealed.

The tragic scene unraveled in an 11th-floor apartment of a building at 1690 E. 174th Street.

Police received a call regarding the shooting at 2:20 PM yesterday. Upon their arrival, police found three people shot.

One victim, 54-year-old Susan Trivino, was pronounced dead at the scene.

On her social media account, Ms. Trivino listed her job as an MTA Bus Operator.

Another victim, 29-year-old Suchari Guzman, was rushed to Jacobi Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Ms. Guzman was the daughter of Ms. Trivino.

The alleged shooter, 52-year-old Jorge Vega, was found at the scene with a gunshot wound to the head was and transported to Jacobi where he remains in critical condition as of early this morning.

The NY Post reported that Mr. Vega was formerly a bus operator for the MTA. He was reported to have left the MTA at the end of this past December.

Police say Ms. Guzman’s 1-year-old daughter was in the apartment when the shooting occurred. She was unharmed but bought to Jacobi as a precautionary measure.

Watch the video of the press conference and read additional details in the first story we published on this incident.

Mr. Vega, the alleged shooter. PHOTO: FACEBOOK.
MS. Trivino, a mother of three. Photo: Facebook.
Ms. Guzman, the daughter of Ms. Trivino. Photo: Facebook. 

Story by Brendan Walsh.

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