NYC Ferry hits pylon and takes on water

Financial District, Manhattan- Yesterday around 5:15 PM, a NYC Ferry en route to the Rockaways hit a pylon and began taking on water. Passengers anxiously waited for more than an hour before rescuers started taking them to shore.

The collision happened only 100 feet from Wall St. Pier 11 where the boat pulled off from. According to several people on board, the captain tried for about 30 minutes to free the vessel and told the passengers over the loudspeaker that the vessel was stuck in the mud.

After it happened, the ferry’s crew did not notify emergency services which created confusion because passengers assumed that they had.

One ferry rider, Beth Ward of Rockaway NY, said that she called her husband 45 minutes after the ferry hit the pylon and he told her that he had been the second caller into 911 notifying them about the crash.

“I think we should have been told what was going on sooner,” Ward stated. “I think communication would have given everyone assurance that things were going in the right direction.”

After finally arriving on scene, the NYPD used a rescue boat to move passengers the short distance back to Pier 11.  Youtube video taken by a rider on the ferry shows passengers with life jackets on, and a  firefighter entering through a window in the cabin. Although passengers later reported being tired and hungry, they do not seem to be panicked in the clip.

There were 114 passengers and 7 crew aboard the boat. No injuries were reported.

Authorities have not confirmed why the ferry started leaking after hitting the pylon, but reporting by the Post suggest that there may have been corrosion on the hull.

In an esposé the Post published this past Sunday, they revealed widespread problems with the NYC Ferries. Hornblower, the company that operates them, told the Post that three boats were taken out service yesterday after it was found they had leaks.

Melisssa Grace, the mayor’s spokeswoman, said ferries would be operating on a normal schedule today.

Rescue efforts underway. PHOTO: NYC 911 NEWS
Rescue efforts underway. PHOTO: NYC 911 NEWS
Rescue efforts underway. PHOTO: NYC 911 NEWS

Reporting by Brendan Walsh.

Photos and video provided by our partner news agency, NYC 911 News.  You can find their entire video from the scene here.

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