Car flew off pier in Brooklyn, driver and car lost in water.

Bay Ridge, Brooklyn- Yesterday at about 1 AM, a car sped down 69th Street Pier and then plunged into the water. After a full day of searching, police have still not found  the car or anyone in it.

The NY Post spoke to a man who witnessed the incident and he told them that the car was black, possibly a BMW. The man also stated that the car looked like it was going 60 or 70 miles an hour down the pier before entering the water.

FDNY and NYPD harbor units were on scene shortly after the incident occurred, however their initial search for the vehicle was negative. The NYPD reported that they believed it may have floated towards the Verrazano Bridge.

NYPD scuba teams then spent all day looking for the the vehicle near the bridge and  around the pier, but by the end of the day yesterday had come up empty.

It is unclear what leads the police may have in determining who owned the car or drove it off the pier.

A NYPD harbor unit at the 69th St. Pier in Brooklyn yesterday. PHOTO: NYPD

Story by Brendan Walsh.