NYPD stumble upon $ 1 Million.

Crown Heights, Brooklyn-Officers from the 71st Precinct’s Anti-Crime Unit hit the jackpot.

On Friday at approximately 10:00 PM, the NYPD along with the Jersey City police executed a search warrant at an apartment on Montgomery Street. During the course of their raid, they discovered nearly one million dollars in cash and close to 100 pounds of weed.

According to a police official who spoke to the NY Daily News, the police had a search warrant to look for a New Jersey man wanted for arson and making terroristic threats; they were not looking for drugs.

The NYPD reported the amount of drugs and cash in the apartment tallied exactly $931,000 in U.S. currency and 97 pounds of marijuana.

Police said that three individuals were taken into custody; a 36 and 28 year old male and a 30 year old female. It was not immediately clear if one of those men was the individual that police were originally searching for.

The suspects  were charged with criminal possession and sale of marijuana.

The take away from the Crown Heights 1 million dollar bust. PHOTO: NYPD

Reporting and story by Brendan Walsh. Photo provided by NYPD.

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