Fatal collision between two buses in Queens.

Flushing, Queens- Shortly after 6 AM today, there was a collision between a tour bus and an MTA bus. Three people were killed and 16 others were injured, several of them critically. One of the dead include the operator of the tour bus.

Security video shows the tour bus driving down Northern Boulevard at what appears to be a high rate of speed. A MTA bus making a right turn onto Northern Blvd. from Main Street is struck mid-turn. After striking the city bus, the tour bus continues forward and crashes into a building before coming to a stop.

At a press conference, the NYPD 109 Precinct chief stated that a person on the sidewalk was also struck by the tour bus and pronounced dead on the scene.

The driver of the tour bus and a passenger on the MTA bus were in extremely critical condition at the scene. They were transported to a nearby hospital and then both pronounced dead.

The other 16 injured passengers from both buses were bought to various hospitals in the area. It is unclear the specific nature of the injuries they suffered, and only known that several of them are severe. As of this publishing, none of these 16 have died.

MTA Chairman Joe Lohota, who also spoke at the press conference, stated that speed possibly could have been a factor in the collision.

The NY Daily News reported that the driver of the tour bus lost his job as an MTA bus driver after it was discovered that he had a DWI conviction out of Connecticut.

Authorities have made no comment on whether the tour bus driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs today when he crashed.

The 2 buses involved in the collision. PHOTO: NYPD 109 PCT.
Firefighters removing a victim from the tour bus. PHOTO: FDNY
Firefighters stabilizing the buses and building after the accident. PHOTO: FDNY

Reporting by Brendan Walsh (brendanwalshnyc) Photos and videos from the FDNY (@fdny) and NYPD (@nypdnews).

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