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Elderly woman run over by a truck in Tribeca

Highway patrol investigating the accident. PHOTO: BREDAN WALSH

Tribeca, Manhattan-An 88 year-old woman was struck in Tribeca today around 2:00 PM today by a construction truck making a turn onto Church Street. NYPD and EMS were on scene within minutes and the woman was quickly transported to Bellevue Hospital with a severe leg injury.  The driver stayed on the scene and was interviewed by police officers.

Lionel, a man who said he was homeless and had been recently staying on the sidewalk parallel to Church Street, claimed to have witnessed the accident take place. According to him, it looked like the driver in the truck was distracted when he made contact with the woman. The witness said he called out to warn the woman, but that it was too late.

After the driver struck the woman, and she became tangled in the wheels of the truck, “all you could hear was the sound of her leg popping off” the man said.

A postal worker who stopped to watch the accident scene said that the intersection of Franklin Street and Church Street has always been dangerous. According to her, the construction vehicles driving on Franklin St. are always speeding and fail to give pedestrians the right of way.

As of this afternoon, it is unclear if the driver will be charged or cited for causing the accident. Also, there has been no further word on the woman’s condition. She was critical when bought to Bellevue.

The commanding officer from the 1 PCT talking with officers on scene. PHOTO: BRENDAN WALSH
Highway patrol setting up their equipment to investigate the accident. PHOTO: BRENDAN WALSH
Highway patrol investigating the accident. PHOTO: BREDAN WALSH
A view of Church St. The white sheet in the distance is where the woman was struck. PHOTO: BRENDAN WALSH

The homeless man only identified himself as Lionel, and did not want to give his last name. The postal worker did not want to be filmed or have her name published because she was required to be at work and feared getting in trouble if her superiors found out where she was.  

Reporting, photos and video by Brendan Walsh (@brendanwalshnyc).