Trump Protests at Trump Tower

Midtown, Manhattan- Yesterday around 7 pm there was a large gathering of people on 5th Avenue in between 57th and 59th St, some voicing support and others opposition to President Donald Trump.

Protesters against Trump where confined to an area on 5th Avenue between 57th and 58th Streets. According to police, there was approximately 800 people protesting Trump in the area.

On the corner of 59 Street and 5th Avenue, in a much smaller area, were about twenty supporters of Trump. Although there was some vocal exchange between these Trump supporters and their opposition, no violent conflicts occurred.

The police maintained control of the crowds and were able to keep pedestrian traffic flowing through the area while still preserving people’s right to express their opinions.

A woman holding a sign in protest of Trump. PHOTO: Brendan Walsh
A woman displaying buttons in protest of Trump. PHOTO: Brendan Walsh
Supporters of Trump in separate area at the corner of 59th St and 5th Ave. PHOTO: Brendan Walsh
Police officers standing on 5th Ave with Trump protestors behind them. PHOTO: Brendan Walsh
Police officers on horses blocking protestors from moving further north on 5th Ave. PHOTO: Brendan Walsh

All video, photos and reporting by Brendan Walsh. 

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