Man arrested after a series of failed bank robberies in Lower Manhattan

Lower East Side, Manhattan- On Wednesday morning, police pursued a man throughout Lower Manhattan, after he attempted to rob two separate banks, according to officials.

At approximately, 11 a.m., police received a report of someone attempting to hold up the Chase Bank located near the intersection of Delancey St. and Essex St., within the confines of the 7th Precinct, the NYPD said. After arriving on the scene, the precinct sergeant called for a mobilization of police officers in the area to spread out and begin a canvas for the robbery suspect, according to police radio transmissions.

A detective entering the Chase bank after the reported robbery. Photo: Brendan Walsh

Less than an hour later, police received reports of a second attempted bank robbery. This robbery was reported at the Citibank located on Broadway, near East 8th St, according to police.

Officers quickly determined that it was likely the same individual that had attempted to hold up both banks, and concentrated their search for him in the East Village. In addition to officers on the street, NYPD Transit officers began to search nearby subway stations, according to an officer at the scene.

At approximately 12:30 a.m., members of the Strategic Response Group (SRG)—a unit of the NYPD that is specially trained to rapidly respond to major events in the city—reported that they were holding a man that matched the description of the serial bank robbery suspect, outside the Duane Read on East 14th St, near 3rd Ave., according to police radio communications.

After being arrested, the suspect—later identified by police as Richard Callison, 22— stood with his eyes closed, surrounded by a large group of SRG members and NYPD commanding officers. Mr. Callison was wearing a maroon colored T-Shirt with white lettering that said: “Presto’s NY”—the name of a pizza store in Hackensack, NJ (the manager of the pizza shop later told the NY Post that he did not recognize Mr. Callison).

Police say that in addition to the two banks that Mr. Callison tried to rob today, he is also suspected of a failed bank robbery yesterday in Lower Manhattan.

At least in his last two robberies on Wednesday, Mr. Callison method of trying to get bank workers to hand over money was by giving tellers a note with some written threat, according to an officer at the scene; it was not immediately clear if he brought any weapons into the banks during the robberies.

Richard Callison in custody of SRG officers. Photo: Brendan Walsh

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