Mechanic crushed by elevator in Lower Manhattan

NoHo, Manhattan- An elevator mechanic was accidentally crushed by a freight elevator this morning, leaving him serious injuries, according to FDNY officials.

The incident happened at approximately 11:10 a.m. at a building located on Great Jones St, between Broadway and Lafayette St., the FDNY said.

After receiving reports that a man was pinned under the elevator, a large number of rescue personnel—including members of from the NYPD’s Emergency Service Unit (ESU) and the FDNY’s Rescue 1 truck—raced to the scene.

The freight elevator that the man was pinned under moved between the street level and the basement of a building on the street.

To rescue the man, the FDNY used the turntable ladder on one of their trucks as an anchor point to hoist the elevator off the man. The ladder was extended over the opening of the elevator shaft in the sidewalk, and ropes were attached to both the ladder and the top of the elevator.

FDNY Chief Martin Lindquist stated that FDNY rescue medics provided the man with narcotics to sedate him and alleviate his pain while the rescue efforts were underway.

After he had been freed, the injured mechanic was carried up from the basement in the stairs of the building and bought out the front door. He was lying motionless and appeared to be unconscious when he was wheeled past the crowd and into a waiting FDNY ambulance.

FDNY officials said the man was in critical condition when EMS removed him to Bellevue Hospital.

ESU members leaving the scene carrying rescue equipment. PHOTO: BRENDAN WALSH
EMS and FDNY waiting for the patient to be removed. PHOTO: BRENDAN WALSH
NYPD and FDNy officials standing by the elevator after the man was removed. PHOTO: BRENDAN WALSH

Video by Brendan Walsh.

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