Thursday, August 16, 2018

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Manhattan News

A pickup truck towing a car carrier crashed into scaffolding in Midtown on Friday at approximately 5:30 p.m. Photo: Andre Rivera.

Truck crashes into scaffolding in Midtown, leaving one injured.

Midtown North, Manhattan— Late Friday afternoon, a truck towing a car carrier jumped a curve and crashed into scaffolding, causing a section of it...

Arrested: Man wanted for brutal subway attack on 2 train in Manhattan

Tribeca, Manhattan--A subway rider took cellphone video that shows a brutal attack that left one man seriously injured, according to police. Officials stated that the...

Brooklyn News

The crime scene in Williamsburg, Brooklyn where three men were shot on May 23, 2018. PHOTOS BY David Sarmiento.

Three men shot, one dead, after gunfire erupts in Williamsburg

Williamsburg, Brooklyn—Three men were wounded on Wednesday—one of them later succumbing to his injuries—after gunfire erupted on the street. The shooting started at around 12:45...
The accident scene outside a carwash where a black Jeep Infinity struck an elderly couple, leaving a woman dead and her husband critically injured. PHOTO: JOHN DOOLEY.

An elderly couple is dead after being struck​ by an SUV in Brooklyn

Marine Park, Brooklyn- An elderly woman died and an elderly man is in critical condition after an out-of-control vehicle struck them outside a carwash,...

Bronx News


Arrests made in the brutal stabbing of 15-year-old “Junior” in the Bronx

Tremont, the Bronx—As of this afternoon, at least seven people have been taken into custody for the fatal stabbing of 15-year-old Lessandro “Junior” Guzman-Feliz...
The scene after the victims were removed to a nearby hospital. PHOTO: David Sarmiento The scene after the victims were removed to a nearby hospital. 3 people fatally shot in the Bronx in Castle Hill.

Two men and an innocent bystander shot dead after a dispute in the Bronx

Castle Hill, the Bronx--Yesterday morning gunfire erupted on the street after a large fight, leaving two men and a woman--later determined to have been...

Queens News

Police officials standing in front of some of the weapons seized during Sunday's raid in Queens. Ronald Drabman of Queens faces multiple counts of weapon possession. PHOTO: NYPD.

Queens Man faces 25 years in prison after one of the biggest weapons busts...

Oakland Gardens, Queens- A Queens man faces up to a quarter-century in prison after a large cache of weapons was discovered in his home over the weekend, according to officials. NYPD Intelligence Bureau Chief Thomas Galati stated that the events leading up to the weapons bust began on Saturday, April 14th, when the 81st Precinct’s Field Intelligence Unit obtained information there was large cache of weapons inside a residence located at 58-08 208 St.
ESU talked down a distressed man from the RFK Triborough bridge yesterday afternoon. The unit responds to thousands of calls each year involving people in crisis situations. PHOTO: CHRIS CLARKE.

NYPD ESU rescue man threatening to jump off RFK bridge

Randalls Island- Yesterday, police rescued a man who had climbed up on the Robert F. Kennedy-Triborough Bridge and was reportedly threatening to jump, according...